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Wall of Ice

Childish fantasies are rampant in all of us, the megalomaniac dreams of all-powerfulness where we can bring our righteous wrath to bear on those who deserve it and make the world a better place. Unfortunately, those justified targets very likely have the same dreams only of opposite conviction, so in the end humanity, in its abysmally primitive state, is better off limited.

Still, I wish the media corporations would finally simply get it: consumers do not want restrictions in how they use their purchases. DRM is harmful for sales. No-one wants to pay for shite. It’s as simple as that.


Not a shred of evidence exists in favor of the idea that life is serious. – Brendan Gill

The previous entry -my first one here- was, as is my habit, really a note to myself as well as a place holder. Albeit written late at night when I at the spur of the moment registered the bloody blog it still drips of my “nature”. A generation X:er with roots in Sweden and England I readily admit to, even embrace, the fact that my personality is composed of 50% sarcasm, 50% irony, 50% cynicism and an Ego large enough to contain it.

Still, reading it makes me think. To what extent can one escape one’s “nature”? If I deemed it desirable, would it be possible for me to step out of my intellectual ideals, penchant for dry British humour, and all the other trappings of Me and, rather than just emulate the ideals and behaviour of those around me, step into them? Mind is All, and the power of the mind is absolute, but does this mean that our Freedom of Mind is absolute? Is it possible for the thinking mind to intentionally regress? Or is this mind vector course only “attainable” by soporific stagnation? God might be able to create the rock too heavy for him to lift if being all-powerful includes the power to discard his all-powerfulness (though, pondering that one way of relating to God is that ve might constitute Existence itself, and restricting that might well destroy our Universe, which, given that our existence is desirable, would thus be categorisable under “pretty bad ideas”). A deity may also be cognised as power, but can a deity discard his power any more than we can discard our breathing?

Long-winded and possibly sophistic as it might seem, this monologue does have a point: for actualised Humans Mind is absolute and it is by Will and Reason we control mind. But Will and Reason cannot intentionally, or actively, de-reason or de-will themselves. Unlike a conceivable Act of Power enactable by a hypothetical supreme being to reify Vimself, our only option would be to resort to a gradual languor -to allow ourselves to slip into a mental torpor- similar to the gradual atrophisation of bodies wasted away through disuse. And though the Unholy Grail of industrial mass-market and consumerism, that is not an option for an aware, awake Mind.

Mind is a path to solitude.

Slightly depressing yet mysteriously soothing image on yon header, above… Anyway, a place for private musings and whatnot, as well as somewhere I can simulate being part of the web-exhibitionist Era that currently justifies the West’s collective belief in higher civilisation.